Environment & Sustainable development

At QAFAC, we believe in comprehensive planning in order to create strong systems and processes for all of our operations. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) encompasses all the environmental policies and procedures that govern our processes, and provides a structured approach to all major environmental issues. It is the responsibility of every QAFAC employees to fully understand and practice our environmental policies.

QAFAC achieved EMS  the ISO 14001 certification in 2004, which demonstrating its continued high quality and commitment towards protection of Environment. In line with the philosophy behind our EMS, we have established strong auditing programs and routines, including: An EMS internal audit, conducted every six months; third-party surveillance audits, conducted annually; third-party re-certification audits, conducted every three years.

QAFAC recognizes the importance of the reduction of energy consumption with the goal of minimizing climate change impact. We continually track and record our annual energy consumption, seeking to implement measures to reduce future consumption.

We at Qafac think the way forward is to invest in technologies that prevent damage, and make production processes as green and efficient as possible.  QAFAC is proud to play its part in cutting harmful industrial gases and has a leading role as an environmentally conscious company.