HSSE Training

QAFAC encourages his employees and contractors to enhance and nourish their knowledge by different learning processes. One of which include class room trainings. QAFAC has developed a comprehensive Training Need Analysis for its staff in occupational safety, health and Environment subjects. 

HSSE induction includes the following important issues that the employee, contractor or others should be familiar with;

  • Site evacuation, emergency procedure and muster points at and outside the complex
  • Risks associated with the employee’s working environment and duties
  • Fire precautions and location of firefighting equipment
  • Safe manual handling and use of specific equipment and machinery
  • Incident and near miss reporting
  • The importance of personal protective equipment
  • HSSE monitoring, audit and inspection
  • QAFAC Life Saving Rules
  • AMAN PSM program

HSSE Training includes:

  • Safety induction for all staff, contractors and others as required.
  • Understanding of the duty of care, relevant company HSSE policies and procedures for all staff.
  • HSSE Training for Operation, Maintenance, Lab, Admin, Emergency response team (ERT) and safety personnel.
  • Specific training in areas of safety hazards.

Training Our Employees

Lost man hours, loss of production, and increases in insurance premiums can all result due to neglecting health and safety training in the workplace; Training of employees in health and safety is the first step toward ensuring a safe and healthy working environment – it must be maintained.

QAFAC promotes appropriate HSSE training for staff in occupational safety, health and Environment subjects. The HSSE training programs are designed to offer appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills that will help employees identify and effectively deal with real and potential hazards at work.

HSSE Training is provided in various ways, including formal training, mentoring and on the job training.