QAFAC HSSE Principles


QAFAC HSSE principles provide a platform and foundation for all systems and activities at the Company. They are defined as:

  1. Safety is a Core Value
  2. All injuries, occupational illnesses and HSSE incidents can be prevented.
  3. Working in a safe, healthy and environment friendly manner is a condition of
  4. People are the most important asset of QAFAC and the most important element of HSSE
  5. Senior management owns HSSE and is responsible for the development of an
    organizational safety culture where HSSE is the responsibility of everyone. 
  6. Interactive HSSE Audits are a must for continuous improvement.
  7. Employees must be trained to work in a safe, healthy, and environment friendly manner.
  8. All incidents and near misses must be reported, investigated and learnt from.
  9. Off-the-job safety and health are important parts of the HSSE effort Life

Visible Felt Leadership

Visible felt leadership forms one of the core of the AMAN PSM program. As visible felt leadership starts at the top and flows down to floor level, the executives and managers at QAFAC have shown a visible commitment by being involved in walkthroughs, audits and practicing the BBS program on a regular basis. The senior management is also involved in monthly reviews and statistics related to incident investigations, HSSE observations and other KPI’s. This is because the senior management at QAFAC believes safety is as important as all the other parameters such as productivity, quality and cost. This commitment has not only been reflected by their words but also in their actions on a constant basis. The top management has constantly shown a strong passion to achieve zero injuries, illnesses and accidents.

Life Saving Rules

QAFAC implements Life-Saving Rules as part of its Safety Management Program. Having nine clear Life Saving Rules in QAFAC is intended to protect personnel against life threatening injury/illness and life threatening hazards. The consequence of breaking such rules willfully is considered a very serious act potentially leading up to employment termination as a part of disciplinary action. Any infringement of Life Saving Rules is also treated as a high potential incident and is subject to a detailed investigation adopting root cause analysis 

Do not work without proper isolation

Do not bring or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on all premises

Do not work at height without the correct approval and equipment

Do not start hot work, without a proper hot work permit

Do not conduct lifting work without a lifting plan and never walk under a suspended load

Do not enter a confined space without correct approval

Do not ride a vehicle without wearing a seat belt and do not use mobile devices while driving

Do not bring uncontrolled ignition sources into the process area.

Do not override safety interlocks without proper authorization

Bill Of Safety Rights

Enhancement of existing Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program